Ginkgo is a full landscaping & Tree Service located out of the Joliet IL area. With over 18 years experience, our crew will work with you and your schedule to get any job done. Offering free estimates, one of our trained employees will visit the location where the work is needed and evaluate the job providing you with a 100% obligation free estimate. Here at Ginkgo, we believe in taking our time to ensure the work is done professionally, while always putting safety as our top priority. Ginkgo is a fully licensed, insured, and bonded company

Ginkgo takes pride in offering competitive pricing, while finishing
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EAB Information

The emerald ash borer is a green beetle native to Asia and Eastern Russia. Outside its native region, the emerald ash borer is an invasive species, and emerald ash borer infestation is highly destructive to ash trees in its introduced range. If you feel one of your Ash trees may be infected with EAB disease, give us a call & we will come inspect the tree for you!

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